What makes the breasts round and firm?

The anatomy of the breasts is too complicated to really get into, but the most important part that contributes to the size and structure of your breasts is the fat tissue (adipose tissue). They act as the stuffing for your boobs and makes them firm, round and the more fat there are, the bigger the breasts get. EnvyPearl will help you increase the amount of fat cells ONLY on your breasts and will not cause any unwanted weight gain anywhere else.

EnvyPearl's formula has undergone extensive laboratory testing and even human trials. According to the results, it increases the production and accumulation of fats in the breasts by 22% and has increased the amount of aP2 gene (protein carrier for fatty acids) by 600%.

Under the microscope, it could be seen that the fats that are located on the area where the cream was applied has increased both in number and in size. Which means that using EnvyPearl increases the size of the breasts on a microscopic level.

Envy Pearl is now with Voluplus
VOLUPLUS™ is a cosmetic ingredient capable of stimulating the creation of new adipose cells and increasing body volume.

Lab Testing & Human Trial Results

The VOLUPLUSTM active ingredient activates adipogenesis, considering as markers the accumulation of triglycerides
and the expression of the aP2 gene, inherent to mature adipocytes and PPAR-γ-dependent.

Under these conditions:

  • -It increases accumulated lipids by 22%
  • -It raises the aP2 gene expression up to 600%

Analysis of genic expression

In order to further study the effects of VOLUPLUS to the human subjects, the aP2 gene was studied and observed. This is the protein carrier for fatty acids or the fatty acid binding protein. They cultured some samples and added the VOLUPLUS to it, after which, they extracted RNA from those samples as well as some complimentary DNA was synthesized. The levels of aP2 gene were determined by Polymerase Chain Reaction, where the sections of RNA and DNA were amplified for analysis. The values from treated samples were then compared to untreated samples which served as the control.

The results show that there was a massive increase in the number of aP2 gene on the treated samples vs. the untreated control.

Triglyceride analysis

The triglycerides are a type of fat or lipid that are found in the blood. They are stored on your fat cells and are later converted into energy when the body needs it. They are good biochemical indicators when it comes to studies in fat accumulation in certain parts of the body, in this case, the breasts. The amounts of triglycerides were determined by using the Triglycerides-GPO method. The amounts of triglycerides per mg of protein and in percentage of accumulation were compared against the control. Protein determination was performed using the Bradford method.

Based on the results, subjects that were introduced VOLUPLUS have increased the accumulation of lipids by 22% at the highest concentration which was 8ppm. This means that Macelignan, the active ingredient of VOLUPLUS could affect the results even at low doses.

To have a better visualization of the triglycerides in the adipocytes (fat cells) a triglyceride specific dye, Oil-Red O tincture was applied to the cultures. It can be clearly seen that the adipocytes that were treated with VOLUPLUS have accumulated more triglycerides and have more voluminous vacuoles compared to the control.

The size of the lepidic drops reflects the state of differentiation of cells, since mature adipocytes have more and bigger vacuoles (Appiagyei-dankah, Y. et al, 2003)

Basically, EnvyPearl's formula increases the expression of the aP2 gene by 600% as well as increases the accumulation of triglycerides. This means that it increases the production and accumulation of fats only to the area where it was applied, which are the breasts, to make them fuller and increase their volume in a safe and natural way.


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